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Therapy Services

A variety of tools and services are used in the rehabilitation process in order to allow and encourage the body to move in its fullest potential

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Exercise Therapy

Movement is necessary for life and therefore exercise is a keystone of rehabilitation. Each program is designed specifically for the patient’s needs and stage of recovery.


Manual Therapy and Soft Tissue Release

Hands on treatments including mobilizations and manipulations as well as soft tissue release can be beneficial in improving quality of movement and range of motion.


Postural Correction

Proper posture and body positioning in both daily life activities and in sport is important in creating a solid base for movement and in preventing further injury from occurring.

Leg Injury

Pre- and Postoperative

Preparation for surgery through strengthening and mobilization as well as post surgical strengthening, range of motion, postural and gait training

Pregnant Yoga

Pre- and Postnatal

Core and pelvic floor engagement as well as postural and overall stability training for women leading up to or just after giving birth.

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Online Consultation

Online assessments and consultations, group or individual classes, original presentations and trainings are all available upon request.

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